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Experience a whole new world!
We have nature galore right
in captans backyard!
Specially those who walk the wild side!

Explore the majestic ancient forts at Rajmachi set in the natural wilderness of the scenic mountains of the Sahyadris, dotted by the giant Walvan and Shirota lakes. The wild countryside has its varied moods of russet browns in the summers, to the giant cascading waterfalls of the monsoons when the whole country erupts in a sea of green.

It make ones spirit soar and touch the divine. Blessed with wildlife this yet untouched little corner of the Western Ghats is a naturalists dream. A trek or a jeep ride away Captans is ideality located for the serious wildlife enthusiasts to view some of the rare Western Ghats wildlife, like the Indian giant squirrel and others like the Leopard, Languor’s and other primates, the Sambhar and the Mouse deer.

The thickly forested jungles of Rajmachi have some of the most amazing bird-life like the painted spur fowl, the jungle fowl, paradise flycatcher and the famous Great pied hornbill. In the rains besides some of the most spectacular scenery a wild fungi is endemic to this area that glows by itself at night. It’s a nature lovers dream.

Also located nearby are some tribal areas of the Adivasi's for which Captans is ideal for an introduction to their way of life.

We at captans, besides having a dedicated fixed camping site, organize Camping, Trekking, Nature trails, Jeep Trips/Safaris, Guided Tours and other adventure activities into this yet untouched realm.

These activities are conducted by the Captain and Ms.Vidula Tade in conjunction with experinced naturalists, with the most modern imported outdoor equipment like Tents and sleeping bags. We are completely equipped for corporate Outdoor events and conferences.
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