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With the new revolution in management sweeping through the corporate world, most managerial minds are exploring means and routes for brainstorming and team building sessions, workshops on communications and other such essential aspects of laying a strong foundation for a business to be built and run.

In accordance with this trend, we at Captans Retreat Center have opened our space for such sessions and workshops. The environment at Captans is ideal for this, surrounded by beautiful scenery and in a quiet, secluded area. We have a lake and cliff faces as arenas for those more dynamic team-building sessions and we have our own facilitators for those companies who wish to use our space but do not have their own training staff.

If your company is moving in this direction, please consider Captans as a possible venue for your event. We are flexible enough to meet all of your needs and may even have some insights of our own to offer you in your evolution as a company.

Main facilitator (Captain Mohan Chabba) is an ex Merchant Navy Ship Captain who has undergone a complete experience of 27 years at sea and ashore (both personal and professional) and has worked in the capacity of a ship captain for 10 years and a consultant subsequently in the shipping industry specializing in the ship related ISM (International ship management code for management and safe operation of ships).

He is assisted by Mr. Shirivastava (Shree) for Asthan/Hath yoga and
Ms. Hema Kukereja for (meditation and Reiki).

Rock climbing and Adventure activities by Narinder (Time pause).



To Build Leaders with Trust, Team spirit, Discipline, Ethics, Initiative, Responsibility through self-empowerment free from Stress at the work place.

Duration: Two days

Contents & Activities

  1. Day treks through wild terrain
  2. Discussions
  3. Yoga and Meditation sessions
  4. Campfires for Leisure and relaxing
  5. Star Gazing


  1. Rock climbing & Rappelling
  2. River crossing
  3. Raft building
  4. Spider web
  5. Acid river

Every activity will be preceded by a brief and followed by an evaluation to extract maximum learning.


Activity Chart (Day 1)
1. Trek To High Point

Give fresh new perspective with respect to
1. Discipline
2. Focus (Attention to detail)
3. Resource

Importance of Focus
2. Find the Wisdom tree

1. Start of thinking process
2. Goals and objectives
3. Planning and foresight

Importance of a team, foresight, vision and planning
3. The Wisdom tree 1. Fears
2. Risk
3. Trust
Importance of control (flow) of thought process concentration, overcoming hidden fears, Risk with Trust
4. Stereotypes and profiling

1. Race (colour and caste)
2. Gender (power or beauty)
3. Power (superiors and wealth)

Importance of same for ability to influence people and an ability to listen and learn
5. Training and Learning With the Accident Pyramid Training
1. Being a leader
2. Team spirit,
3. NLP
1. Experience
2. Pain (stress)
3. Planning & execution,
Being an artist to achieve TQM
Interactive to build Trust and communication mainly through discussions and case studies and captains experience at managing ships at sea.
6. Trust, Ethics and Learning

1 The Basic 3 Ethics
2. Work ethics
3. Time management

Interactive to build Trust mainly through Truth and Ethics discussions and case studies
7. The Nine pitfalls The nine pitfalls for a leader The building of positive thinking
8. Rock Climbing 1. Motivation
2. Objectives
3. Resource management
1. Risk (Fear)
2. Safety (Trust)
3. Achievement (with Team effort)
Being selfless in your objectives, the negatives and the positives thought process. With the mantra Competition is being non innovative.
Activity Chart (Day 2)

Introduction to the self
Hath Yoga

Human physical and mental makeup.

Human needs, Emotional, Mental make up, Auras interaction and communication
2. Meditation The confidence & motivation to start anew and become an achiever Self control, foresight, pain and stress busting. Bonding as humans
3. Work Ethic, Duty and Dharma The Golden path Human expectations and duty
4. Acid River 1. Will
2. Resource management
3. Disaster management
1. Interdependence
2. Difficult situations and
3. Disaster management
(handling life in general, difficult people and at the work place)
5. Follow your dream 1. What is a Dream
2. Interconnection of the Dream with your work
3. Achievement with happiness
Being your own captain and captain of life
6. Evaluation Self evaluation How to achieve and perform better
  1. Mornings will start early.
  2. Interdependence will be propagated throughout the workshop. Regardless of seniority, every participant will participate in activities.
  3. Activities will be individual and team based. Participants will perform and learn under situations varying from mild to intense pressure
  4. Evenings will be capped with being at leisure and understanding of relaxation with fun filled campfires with Captans ambience of taste and artistic refinement.
  5. Workshop will be conducted by Captans trainers who are experienced and have expertise in fitness, health, safety and other relevant areas. Every safety precaution will be taken to ensure a wonderful yet safe experience.
  6. You can leave Mumbai Pune in the evening on Day 0, settle down for the evening and conduct the workshop from early morning on Day 1. On Day 2 participants can arrive back in Mumbai or Pune late evening. Suggest no Alternatives as each subsequent activity is interlinked.
For More Information Please email
The Captain at: captans@vsnl.net
Or Call at: + 91-02114-271313(tel)  0-9850100331(Mobile)
  • Participants must be dressed in rugged sports wear with adequate protection from the sun and cold. Preferred clothing would include: T-shirt, Wind cheater, Track-pants (better than conventional jeans) and Hiking shoes/floaters
  • Essential Items to bring include: Torch (flashlight), water bottle, Cap, mosquito repellent and spare clothes.
  • Optional items include sun glasses, sun block, Back pack
  • An indemnity form will be provided by us, which must be signed by all participants before embarking on the workshop.

Looking forward to a learning experience along with you.

Yours Sincerely,
Capt. Mohan Chabba
+ 91-02114-271313(Tel) or 09850100331(Mob)
Email: captans@vsnl.net

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